The COVID pandemic has brought about sweeping changes in our lives. Some of which will have far reaching implications. With no known cure found yet, the only way to safeguard oneself and our loved ones is staying at home. Never before have we all spent so much of our time being at home, thus making us realise the importance of owning a home. Additionally, with restrictions on movement, work from home has become the new norm and already several reports suggest this trend is here to stay. It has compelled us to view the space we live in differently. So, if you are looking to move into a larger home or are looking to buy your own home, below are few things you must look out for.

1. Smart homes, zero wastage – as increasingly work from home becomes a reality, it’s imperative to look for houses that are well-planned and maximises space utilization. Tall windows that allow in ample fresh air and light, private deck, ample smart plug points compatible for all your gadgets, niches for wardrobes ensuring open space in room, proper utility cum storage area, proper ventilation are amongst the few things that you must look for. Additionally, homes that provide smart home features – controlled access, remote access features, smart lights that adapt as per time of the day, etc. will be advantageous.

2. Well planned development – Look for a project that has a well-planned layout, leaving ample space between two buildings and featuring wide internal roads. The project should also feature open spaces that provision for play areas, sit out areas, walking tracks, landscaped garden, clubhouse, gym, sport courts, etc essentially amenities catering to all age groups. If you plan to invest into an under construction project, then look for these details in the master plan and seek more details from the sales representative. It’s important to understand the overall area spread of the project, the number of building that will be coming up and their locations as well as provisions of the open spaces and aspects of lifestyle and wellness.

3. Integrated townships – When buying a home, it’s worth looking at projects that are built along the lines of an integrated township. These projects are well-planned and they will have provisions to take care of all your basic necessities. Typically, they will feature grocery stores, medical, ATM, clinics, food joints, temple and other such socail infrastructure to meet your daily conveniences. Thus, during times like these when there is a restriction on movement, having everything that you need to meet your basic requirement is advantageous. These also provide a safe place for your family with 24×7 security, controlled access, emergency helpline, etc. Further, these townships will have aspects that cater to your overall wellbeing and hence you will enjoy a better quality of life.

4. Professionally managed projects – Increasingly, several new projects are professionally managed. During times for crisis, this is highly advantageous as they can quickly mobilise resources and have a plan of action ready to tackle situations that may arise. Usually, they will have in place an app to manage the property – allowing residents to raise request to address issues, connect with other residents and track announcements. To give an example, Hospitality Management Teams across Saviour projects, were quick to implement necessary precautionary measures to ensure safety and cater to needs of its citizens amid the COVID crisis.

5. Go with a reputed developer – More so than ever, it’s imperative to go with a reputed builder, especially if you are considering booking an under construction house. While the government has allowed for in-situ construction to commence, given the loss of business owing to the crisis, the developer needs to have the financial strength to complete the construction. A reputed developer, with a well organised business structure and having a good track record of delivering projects will be able to overcome the current crisis situation. Nevertheless, ready-to-move-in houses in completed projects are a safer choice.

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